New and Old Pixel Art

I really enjoy pixel art as a pure creative medium. Every piece of the work is discrete, and every choice matters in a very interesting way. Plus, traditional limited palettes force artists to problem-solve in ways they might not otherwise.

I’m planning on setting up a pixel art portion of my gallery, but until then, here are a few pieces from the past couple of years.




This 2014 piece was just for fun and practice. Generic space marines, and some retro scifi props.



Assets from a game I made in Stencyl in 2013. I only spent ten days on it, and it was my first game in about 10 years, so I don’t fully recommend playing it.

Here’s a link anyway.




This is a 2012 pixel art adaptation of some sketches I made a while back. No constrained palette, but very low-res made capturing form interesting.


07-06-2014 Face Sketching



Mixed media – physical sketchbook with a digital paintover. Playing with realism, cartoonyness, and characters. Two of these might show up later in a finished work.


06-28-2014 Space Car Concepts

I’m working on filling out my portfolio with more cartoony and colorful art. These were fun to make, and if I have time, I’ll probably turn them into low-poly models and get them into a little game.

062814_vintagespacecruisers 062814_spaceships